World Series of Yahtzee Game Review and Giveaway

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy family always enjoys trying out new games! We recently had the chance to test out Hasbro’s updated version of Yahtzee, The World Series of Yahtzee.  This variation takes the somewhat slow dice game and turns it into a fast paced game where having good reflexes are key.

My kids never want to play traditional Yahtzee because it takes so long to play.  In our family the pace of the game is made worse because my husband always takes forever to figure out where to score his dice.

In this new game every one rolls the dice at the same time, so there is no waiting around.  Instead of filling in a score sheet you collect cards that are on the game board.  The dice are rolled continuously until you get a roll that matches one of the cards on the game board.  Then you hit the buzzer and your opponents have a few seconds to try to finish their dice rolls and match a card of their own.


We had a great time playing the game.  It is all about rolling the dice as fast as possible to get matches first, before your opponents can. The game moves fast and that makes it exciting and fun.  My kids thought this was much more fun than regular Yahtzee, and have been playing it on their own.  It took about 10 minutes for us to play from start to finish, as opposed to about 45 minutes for original Yahtzee.

So if you are looking for a fast paced dice game that is perfect for a Family Game night, check this out.  It is for ages 8+, and retails for around $20.  You can get it online at Amazon, or at local stores.

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