DIY Crafts

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Thumbprint Birthday Cards

My husband and I both had birthdays last month, and my daughters made these cute Thumbprint Birthday Cards based on a design they found on Pinterest.

Thumbprint Birthday Cards - These cute cards are made by cutting out numbers and decorating the cut outs with thumbprints.  A cute way to personalize a card!

The inspiration for the design was a picture from Cherion Brandon: My Crafty Life, which is a cut out design using stampers.  My daughters changed it up and use their own thumbprints to decorate the cards, which is a fantastic way to personalize the cards!

Mother’s Day Floral Frame

Mother’s Day will be here soon, and of course finding the perfect gift for your Mom is important!  I think homemade gifts are special, especially for Moms and Dads.  This flowery picture frame is decorated with pasta for a cute and personal Mother’s Day Floral Frame.

This Mother's Day Floral Frame makes a wonderful and inexpensive gift for your mom this year!  Decorate a wooden frame with pasta from your pantry.

I made this easy gift by decorating a plain wooden picture frame with pasta from my pantry.  I used shells, elbows and ditalini to make a floral design, and then spelled out a special message with alphabet pasta. The result is a cute floral design that was easy and inexpensive.

Cookie Christmas Tree

Every year my kids and I like to create a Holiday food craft, and this year we made a Cookie Christmas tree and decorated it with candy.

Cookie Christmas Tree - Sugar Cookie Christmas tree decorated with Sixlets

Using Natural Dyes for Easter Eggs

Every year at Easter the children and I enjoy using natural dyes for Easter Eggs. We started doing this years ago, when my oldest was enrolled in a Waldorf enrichment program. When they told us to use natural materials to dye the eggs I thought it was kind of silly, after all food coloring is cheap and easy! But once I did it once I was hooked, since it is fun to see the amazing variety of colors that can come from nature.  It is the perfect Easter chemistry project, and the results are always bright and colorful.

Dyeing Easter eggs with Natural dyes - a fun Easter project to naturally dye eggs in a rainbow of colors

Simple Duck TapeĀ® Keychain for Back to School

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Duck Tape® is a useful product for crafts and back to school projects. It comes in such a great variety of colors and patterns, which make it perfect for hundreds of uses. This fall I wanted to make a simple keychain to keep the spare key to my daughter’s college apartment on.  We have a whole bowl of keys in the front hallway, and it is much more convenient to have them on unique, easy to identify keychains, so I don’t end up grabbing the wrong one!

Duck Tape KeyChain

Layered Relief Print Art Project

otter pictureThis is a layered relief print art project my 12 year old son did last week.  This is a somewhat time consuming project (and therefore perfect for summer vacation) which involves cutting multiple layers out of one printing block, gradually cutting away the entire block.  It was fun, and more interesting than just cutting one image into the block since the layers add depth and color.

The tools you need are a printing block, brayer and paint and tools to carve with.  We got an E-Z cut printing block from our local art store, and the cost was less than $3 for a 4×6 block.  The E-Z cut block is made of a synthetic rubber-like material that is very easy to carve.  We used X-acto knives to carve the block, and they worked pretty well.  We also found some chisel blades for the X-acto knife handle that fit in it and were very helpful when it came to removing lots of material quickly.  We used acrylic paints, and a brayer that I had from rubber stamping.