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Quick Chicken Snack for Hungry Teens

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Now that my kids are teens they are always on the go, going to sports practices, scout meetings and part-time jobs.  So I am always looking for quick ways they can get an easy meal.  A quick chicken snack can be just the pick me up they need to keep going with their busy schedules.

Another thing I find with my teens is that we frequently end up with extra kids at meal time!  And let me tell you, those teenage guests always have big appetites, just like my kids.  This week is the start of exam week at the high school, which means only a half day of school for the kids with morning exams. My 17 year old is homeschooled, so she doesn’t have to take the exams, but many of her friends do.  She invited a friend over for the afternoon yesterday after his exams ended, and we made wraps out of Tyson Chicken Fries to feed the hungry teenagers.

Quick and Easy Chicken Fry Wraps

I got the ingredients for our wraps at Sam’s Club, and you can see all the details of my shopping trip in my Google Plus album.  I like to have big bags of convenience foods like the Chicken Fries in my freezer, since they I don’t have to worry about not having enough for hungry teens.  If they eat everything I just throw more in the oven, and it is ready in a few minutes.

For us it works best to set up wraps as a buffet, so everyone makes their own and gets exactly what they want.  So while the wraps cooked I cut up small bowls of vegetables, so that picky eaters like my daughter wouldn’t have to worry about tomatoes contaminating her chicken.  I provided lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, peppers and provolone cheese to go with the chicken.

Chicken Fry Wrap Buffet

Of course we had lots of dipping sauces for chicken too, including ranch, honey mustard and buffalo style.  The kids each made their own, and of course they were all different.

Building a Chicken Wrap

Half the fun of making wraps in building them creatively!

Lots of Honey Mustard

Chicken Fry Wrap with Buffalo Sauce and Lettuce

After lunch we were planning to go to the pool, but the weather did not cooperate and it was just too cold.  So instead my daughter, her friend and my son took off on a nice long bike ride.

Bike Riding Teens

In addition to keeping teens fed I find it is also important to encourage them to get lots and lots of physical activity, and burn off all that excess energy!

You can get more recipes for chicken at tyson.com, and soon you will be able to enter on the Tyson Facebook page to win free Six Flags tickets for your family vacation. A Six Flags Trip would certainly be a great way to keep teens active and having fun!

Chicken Wraps

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  1. I love this idea. I’m short on time (like all moms) but want to be sure my kids get the veggies they need and this is a great way to save time and get all the nutrients in their meals! Thanks!


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