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Sonicare PowerUp Toothbrush – Power Up Your Smile

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I went to the dentist a few weeks ago for my semi-annual cleaning, and the dental hygienist was not happy with the state of my teeth!  She told me I have to do a better job, especially on my front teeth, and she had all kinds of scary statistics about gum disease to share with me. So when I heard about the Philips Sonicare PowerUp toothbrush I decided I should give it a try, and see if a battery operated toothbrush gives me better results.

Sonicare PowerUp vs. Manual ToothbrushThe Sonicare PowerUp Toothbrush is available at Walmart for under $20.  I have always thought of a battery operated toothbrush as being expensive, but this one is very affordable.  So I figured it was time to get my first battery operated toothbrush, and I headed to the store.

Once I got home I found that the toothbrush was extremely easy to use.  The included batteries go right in the end of the toothbrush which pulls out easily.  And you can buy replacement heads, when the current ones wear out.

Adding batteries to the Sonicare

It feels a little different to brush my teeth with it, because the head vibrates so fast.  I can see why the Sonicare motto is “month’s worth of brush strokes in a day.”  It really cleans much more thoroughly than I could possibly do with a standard toothbrush.  My mouth felt much cleaner after just one use, and I thnk that the toothbrush is going to result in a big difference the next time I go to the dentist.  Hopefully I won’t get lectured by the hygienist next time!

Sonicare PowerUp Toothbrush

I honestly have no idea why I haven’t tried a battery operated toothbrush sooner, because it just makes sense that it would result in better oral hygiene.  Luckily there are still plenty of uses for a manual toothbrush, like cleaning the dust off a fan, or scrubbing the grout in my kitchen counter.

Cleaning a fan with a toothbrush

You can learn more about the Philips Sonicare PowerUp on Walmart.com, or follow them on twitter, @Sonicare_US.

Brushing my teeth

Let me know if you have ever tried a power toothbrush!

By on July 16th, 2013

5 thoughts on “Sonicare PowerUp Toothbrush – Power Up Your Smile”

  1. This is the brand my dentist recommends REALLY highly, and they don’t even sell them in their office – they just say it’s the absolute best for the deepest, most thorough clean. I’m going to have to invest in one to help keep my teeth healthy!

  2. I bought this toothbrush as a new year resolution to take more care of my teeth. For the price it’s simply the best. For those of you dental looking for a budget friendly purchase, I strongly suggest it. I will definatly buy a better one because I believe the quality, the performance and the price is very competitive.


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