Using Natural Dyes for Easter Eggs

Every year at Easter the children and I enjoy dyeing Easter eggs with natural dyes. We started doing this years ago, when my oldest was enrolled in a Waldorf enrichment program. When they told us to use natural materials to dye the eggs I thought it was kind of silly, after all food coloring is cheap and easy! But once I did it once I was hooked, since it is fun to see the amazing variety of colors that can come from nature.  It is the perfect Easter chemistry project, and the results are always bright and colorful.

Dyeing Easter eggs with Natural dyes #easter #gogreen #eastereggs

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Disneynature BEARS – New Clips and Printable Activity Sheets

The new Disneynature movie Bears is opening next week on April 18th.  It looks like it will be adorably cute!
Disneynature Bears

Set in Alaska this film showcases a year in the life of a bear family as two impressionable young cubs are taught life’s most important lessons. It begins as winter comes to an end and the bears emerge from hibernation to face the bitter cold. As the season changes from spring to summer, the brown bears must work hard to find food and stay safe from rival male bears and predators, including an ever-present wolf.

Disney has made available a bunch of printable activity sheets for this movie.  There is much to learn about bears, and these sheets can help you use the movie to teach your children all about these majestic animals.  The activity sheets include cute crafty ones like making a bear mask, along with educational ones teaching about things like brown bear adaptations.  Click on the picture to download the printable pdf with the activities. [Read More...]

Tuna & Artichoke Panini Recipe with Roman Meal Giveaway

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Bread is a staple food in my house!  We use it all the time for sandwiches or serve it along with eggs for breakfast.  My kids go for peanut butter and jelly, but I prefer something a little bit more exciting than that!  Last week I made Tuna & Artichoke Panini for lunch, and it was very tasty.

tuna and artichoke panini

I mixed canned tuna with a little bit of mayonnaise, topped it with artichokes and spinach and grilled it until it was brown.  It only took a few minutes to make, but it felt like a much fancier lunch than a basic tuna sandwich. [Read More...]

Victus Study Skills System Review

Study skills are important for all students, especially as they get older and are dealing with high school and college courses.  One thing I have learned from my two oldest kids is that while some children are good at organizing and studying others need to be taught the skill explicitly!  So when I had the chance to review the Victus Study Skills System for my fourteen year old son I figured it was excellent timing.  My son is in 9th grade, so classes are getting harder and this is perfect time to establish good skills that will carry him through more difficult course work.

The Program

VictusLogo_zps1f12bd33I received the Student Workbook and Teacher Edition to review.  This course is designed for children in grades 5-12, and the Student Workbook retails for $20, while the Teacher’s Edition costs $40.  The program is designed around three foundational cornerstones, which are designed around three questions that the student needs to answer: [Read More...]

Easter Baskets and Easter Deals Hunt Giveaway

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What are you putting in your kids’ Easter baskets this year? My kids love baskets filled with candy, like this one!

Easter Basket Full of Candy

They expect a big chocolate bunny every year, along with favorites like peanut butter eggs and jelly beans. They never seem to outgrow the desire for Easter candy. [Read More...]

18 Fabulous Easter Desserts

Easter is only two weeks away, so it is time to start planning your Easter menu! Here are 18 delicious Easter desserts that are perfect for a family holiday party.
18 Easter Delicious Desserts #Easter #recipe

They range from traditional favorites like Carrot Cake to kid friendly desserts featuring Peeps and Jelly Beans.  I love how creative and detailed these recipes are!  Click on each picture below to see the full recipe and find something spectacular for your Easter table. [Read More...]

Hair Color from Madison Reed

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I have been coloring my hair at home for about 8 years new, and it can be frustrating!  My natural hair color is a light ash blonde, but it is hard to find a color that covers my gray and yet still looks natural and doesn’t turn brassy.  I am sure I’d get better results from a salon, but that is too expensive! So I was excited to try out the hair coloring from Madison Reed, which offers Salon quality hair coloring at home.

Madison_Reed logoI spent some time on the Madison Reed website using their Color Advisor tool to find the perfect color for me. You can determine color based on the current dye you use, or your skin tone, or even send them a photo and get personalized advice.  I received my kit in the mail just a few days after I placed my order.

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