Caramel Apple Pecan Bread

Quick breads are perfect for the holidays, like this Caramel Apple Pecan Bread.

Caramel Apple Pecan Bread - A tasty quick bread for the holidays

This is a moist, rich bread that is full of pecans and apples, and then topped off with more pecans and a sweet caramel sauce.  I have made this both with and without the Caramel sauce, and it is tasty both ways.  My husband and I prefer the slightly less sweet version without the Caramel sauce, but the kids like it better with it.  So last time I made it I doubled the recipe and made one with the sauce and one without – it seemed like a good compromise to me!Continue Reading

Paddington Movie Trailer #PaddingtonMovie

Paddington arrives in theaters January 16th!


From the beloved novels by Michael Bond and producer David Heyman, Paddington tells the story of the comic misadventures of a young Peruvian bear (voiced by Ben Whishaw) who travels to the city in search of a home. Finding himself lost and alone, he begins to realize that city life is not all he had imagined – until he meets the kindly Brown family who read the label around his neck that says “Please look after this bear. Thank you.” and offer him a temporary haven.

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No-Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake – Energy Efficieny

Energy efficiency is important, and something that we should all think about in our every day life. One great way to incorporate energy savings is through fun, energy-saving DIY projects or recipes – like this No-Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake.

No Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake Cups - Easy Holiday Treat

No bake recipes are perfect way to save both time and energy, especially during the busy holiday season.  This recipes is very simple, but it looks fancy, which makes it perfect for a holiday party.  I made it in small shot glasses, so it is bite sized treat.Continue Reading

Hand Print Turkeys Window Art – Liqud Chalkers

I keep seeing awesome crafts on Pinterest made using liquid chalk markers, so naturally I decided I needed to get some to test out. Liquid Chalkers sent me an 8 pack of their markers to review, and they are a blast to use.

Window Art with Liquid Chalkers - family fun

Chalk markers are perfect for drawing on any non-porous surface, like mirrors, glass, white boards and much more. The markers showed up while my daughter was home from college for a weekend visit with her friends. The girls grabbed the markers and went to town decorating our picture window for Thanksgiving! They drew hand print turkeys and fall leaves all over for a scenic fall theme.Continue Reading

Cinderella Live Action Movie – Poster and Trailer

Disney finally released the poster and some images for Cinderella!  The poster is gorgeous, and it was photographed by Annie Leibovitz exclusively for the film


The animated Cinderella is one of my favorite Disney movies, and I can’t wait to see this adaptation.  The film is a live-action feature inspired by the classic fairy tale which brings to life the timeless images from Disney’s 1950 animated masterpiece.  Check out this image of the Pumpkin Coach.Continue Reading

Healthy Happy Dogs

Keeping your dogs happy and healthy is important!  Our two dogs are an important part of our family, and we do our best to make sure they eat right and stay healthy.  But it can be a challenge, because like most dogs they don’t know what they should and shouldn’t eat.

Our Dogs

Our older dog Dodger is a scavenger.  He has never found food the doesn’t like, and that can get him in trouble.  As you can see he is also fairly large, so he when he tries he can easily get into things he shouldn’t!  A few years ago he got in the pantry and ate half a box of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies.  Since chocolate is bad for dogs were were concerned, but a phone call to our vet told us that because of his size he would probably be ok, and we just had to watch him closely for a few days.Continue Reading

Pine Cone Men Ornaments – Handmade Holidays

Ever since I was a child I have loved making homemade ornaments for our Christmas tree!  These are some cute Pine Cone Men Ornaments that my kids and I made for this year’s tree!

Pine Cone Men Christmas Ornaments - cute homemade ornaments for your handmade holiday!

I remember making these ornaments with my mom, so I wanted to recreate that experience with my kids.  Over the weekend we set off to collect pine cones and acorn caps from our backyard, and found quite a few pine cones and not as many acorn caps.  I think our search would have been a little more fruitful if we had done it a month earlier, but planning ahead is not my strong point.  You could of course buy some of each at a craft store if you don’t have an easy source available.Continue Reading

LG OLED is a Great Family Gift from Best Buy

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Are you looking to set up a home theater system this year? My husband would love to have a home theater system in our basement family room.  And that is the kind of holiday gift the entire family can enjoy.  We love to go downstairs and build a fire in our wood stove and enjoy a family movie together.  The right TV is crucial for a home theater system, and the best place to look for one is Best Buy.  All the Christmas lists in my house are heavy on electronics products, so I think we will be getting quite a few presents at Best Buy this season!

On our wish list is the LG OLED TV, which would be perfect for a home theater system.  It truly is the ultimate display!  The TV is astonishingly thin, and is only 0.21″ thick at its thinnest point.  As you might expect the picture quality is spectacular, with Infinite Contrast that ranges from the most blazing whites to the deepest blacks.

LG_UHD_smaller file

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More Big Hero 6 Printable Activity Sheets

Big Hero 6 is in theaters everywhere, and it is a big hit! Baymax is adorable, and the movie is fun action packed adventure that the whole family can enjoy. Disney has released some new activity sheets to help you have even more family fun with the movie, and my favorite is this one with instructions on how to build a balloon Baymax!

Balloon Baymax

Balloon Baymax

My son and I are going to give this a try later this week. Here are all the activity sheets, just click on a picture to download the free printable pdf file.Continue Reading