Cadbury Creme Egg Pies

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Easter is getting closer, and that means it is time to start thinking about candy! My kids love almost any kind of Easter candy, and so do I. Candy is also fun to use in desserts, so when I got a whole bunch of Easter candy from Hershey’s I wanted to use it to make something different.  I decided to see what would happen if I baked a Cadbury Creme Egg into a pie.

Cadbury Creme Egg Hand Pies - an easy Easter dessert using Cadbury Creme Eggs

The result was a delicious combination of crispy pie crust with melty chocolate and cream. 

Making Cadbury Egg Pies

To make the pies I used some refrigerated pie crust that I had left over.  I rolled it out flat, and then cut it into 5 inch circles.

Making Cadbury Egg Pies

I used a tart pan as a pattern, but anything between 5 and 6 inches in diameter would work.  Then I put a CADBURY Crème Egg in the middle of the pie crust, and sealed the edges with water and fork.

Baking Cadbury Creme Eggs into Pies

To make it look and taste better I brushed the pie crust with egg white and sprinkled it with sugar.  I baked the pies for 10 minutes and let them cool a little bit before eating.  These pies were a big hit, and were gone in no time!

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Cadbury Creme Egg Pies
  • Refrigerated Pie Dough
  • 1 egg white
  • 2 T. sugar
  1. Preheat oven to 450.
  2. Roll the pie dough out and cut into 5-6 inch rounds.
  3. Unwrap the eggs and put one in the middle of a circle of dough.
  4. Seal the pie by brushing the edge with water and crimping with a fork.
  5. Brush egg white on top of the pie and sprinkle with sugar.
  6. Bake for 10 minutes. Let cool a little bit before eating because the filling will be hot.

You can find all kinds of Easter ideas at They have crafts, tips, recipes and unique traditions which will make the holiday more fun.

Candy giveaway has ended, Shelly P. was the winner!

Hand Pies using Cadbury Creme Eggs - an delicious and easy Easter dessert


  1. David says

    My favorite Easter tradition is the Easter egg hunt. I can remember how much fun we had.My favorite recipe is the peanut butter bunnycakes. Not only are they cute, but the kids would have fun making them.

  2. Mary Happymommy says

    My favorite tradition is hunting for Easter eggs with my kids. I like the Easter basket cupcakes on the Hershey’s site.

  3. Amy Orvin says

    My favorite Easter tradition is dying eggs and egg hunts. I really love the Velvety Chocolate Cream Pie recipe from Hershey’s website. It looks so Yummy!!

  4. Debbie Jackson says

    My favorite tradition is meeting in the park for an extended family egg hunt..after Easter dinner. My favorite craft/recipe was the Easter bonnets and the birds flock together birdhouse.

  5. Brandy says

    The vroom vroom car craft is so cute. My son would get behind that if he would just stop eating the candy while constructing. Hah.

    My fave tradition is gifting shoes in baskets every year

  6. Desiree says

    I love Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets for our Easter tradition!
    My favorite recipe is the peanut butter bunnycakes.

  7. Darlene Owen says

    My favorite tradition is hiding the boys baskets for them to find. My favorite recipe is the Velvety Chocolate Cream Pie

  8. Jackie says

    One of my favorite traditions is coloring eggs with my daughters.
    A recipe I like is the Peanut Butter Easter Bonnets. They are pretty and sound delicious!
    Thank you!

  9. Michelle C says

    My favorite tradition is choosing a new spring outfit to wear on Easter. I would like to try the Peanut Butter Bunnycakes recipe.

  10. Kimberly Schotz says

    I look forward to our Easter Brunch. I want to make the Easter Wreath made of Whopper Easter Eggs.

  11. June Lisle says

    My favorite Easter tradition is reading the Bible with my husband and my favorite craft is the HERSHEY’S KISSES Caramel Flowers.

  12. Tracy Jones says

    I have to try the Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Fudge. My favorite tradition is having an Easter egg hunt for my kids.

  13. Dawn Monroe says

    How neat! I would have never thought to make those pies but everyone here loves Cadberry creme eggs so Im definitely going to try. I would also like to try the miniature easter egg tree craft with my grandkids.

  14. Margaret Smith says

    Our favorite tradition is that we hide our kids Easter Baskets for them to find on Easter morning.
    I’d like to make the Reece’s Racers. I think my sons would really like these.
    Thanks so much.

  15. Sandra says

    My favorite easter tradition is easter dinner and going to church. I like the KISSES Macaroon Cookies recipe.

  16. says

    My favorite easter tradition is cooking Easter dinner and Easter desserts. All the women do all the cooking . The little girls emjoy learning how to cook the dinner and desserts (which they enjoy more) The house is filled will the smell of ham and all the fixins. My grandmother and mother tell stories of Easter and of doing yhe samething when they were young.

  17. Sue Ellison says

    My favorite Easter tradition is decorating eggs with my children. I like the recipe for Coconut Cake Nests.

  18. Cassandra Eastman says

    First off this recipe look amazing, I love cadbury eggs!
    Our favorite tradition is dyeing easter eggs together!
    I’d love to make the HERSHEY’S “PERFECTLY CHOCOLATE” Easter Bunny cake with my kids, how cute!

  19. Terry Maigi says

    We have a HUGE Easter Egg Hunt every year at my parents house! It is so much fun! Even the adults are involved!
    The Easter Basket Cupcakes are so cute!

  20. Ann Fantom says

    My favorite Easter tradition is coloring eggs with my daughter and then watching her hunt for her eggs Easter morning.

    I would like to try making the Easter Basket Cupcakes

  21. Penny Snyder says

    Our favorite tradition has always been coloring eggs & I would love to make the Decorated Peanut Butter Easter Eggs!!

  22. kari says

    My favorite tradition is making tie-dyed hard boiled eggs with food coloring. My favorite recipe on the Celebrate Easter page is Bird’s Nest Cupcakes.

  23. Ariana Martinez says

    Favorite Easter tradition is the egg hunt making the eggs filled with different candies and little toys it’s amazing watching the kids find what is in their eggs. My favorite recipe from the page is the Easter Bunny Egg Racers

  24. Linda Madden says

    I love the Reeses Miniature Easter Baskets. Going to make those with my granddaughter. Our tradition on Easter is going to church then having our Easter egg hunt followed by a big ham dinner.

  25. Cynthia C says

    My favorite tradition is baking Easter bread and I like the Coconut Marshmallow Nests recipe at the Hershey site.

  26. Lisa V. says

    My favorite tradition was hiding Easter eggs for my daughter. The recipe I think looks good is the Peanut Butter Easter Bonnets.

  27. Audra O'Hara says

    Our tradition is decorating the Easter eggs and hiding them. From Hershey’s site, I like the craft idea for the miniature Easter egg tree.

  28. Irene M says

    I love our Easter egg hunt. But the eggs and candy are not hidden in plain sight or not so plain sight. They are REALLY hidden. I hand everyone a cryptic clue to begin the hunt. That clue will lead them to the first hiding place, where the first person to reach it will find a ‘treasure’ and the clue to the next hiding place, and so forth. But the clues must be left in place to those following will have a chance to find the next treasure also. I think I have almost as much fun hiding the treasure and composing the clues as the kids do searching. My favorite recipe on the Hersheys site would be the Delicious #HERSHEYS Peanut Butter Kissed Pie. Unfortunately, my granddaughter is allergic to peanuts, so I would make this just for myself!

  29. jamielee kimball says

    My favorite tradition is the Easter Egg hunt, because my daughter gets SOOOOOO excited. My favorite recipe is probably Chocolate Truffle Peanut Butter Egg Easter Pie…I need that! LOL

  30. Debra S says

    Our favorite tradtion has to be the family party! Just like christmas, everyone there, we eat and eat and eat and eat! LOL The kids get baskets of course. which is a HUGE tradition that I adored as a kid. Wow- you know we always make a Lamb Cake for Easter! But I can see adding some additional things, like the choco-barvarian creme bomb cake on their website.. Ooooooo I want that!

  31. Taryn T. says

    One of my favorite traditions is coming up with themed Easter baskets for each child. The chocolate mousse filled creme puffs look amazing!

  32. Peggy Johnson says

    My favorite tradition is having an Easter egg hunt for the kids. I really like the easter basket cupcakes.

  33. Sharon Kaminski says

    Our tradition is to have an easter egg hunt. If the weather is bad, we hide eggs around the house.

  34. Stephanie Galbraith says

    Our favorite Easter tradition is the hunting for Easter Eggs. & I’d like to try the Chocolate Surprise Truffles.

  35. Betty Jenks says

    All of our family comes home for Easter. We go to Church, then come home for a big meal. Everyone brings food. The grandchildren look for Easter eggs after we eat. They love to play games with the adults joining in.

  36. Susan Robbins says

    This looks great! I buy these eggs for my college student children and tell them to share after taking a test or studying for a final. This will give them something else to do with them and little fun break, plus I am going to try it at home. I put outdoor decorations for Easter on my door and around the entry. One lawn stake decoration of an bunny with basket of eggs I’ve had since my children were very young and it comes out every year and still looks great. I hope it is still around when I have grandkids.

  37. Robin says

    Our tradition in coloring Easter eggs with the kids, I would love to try the Chocolate-Nut Pinwheel Cookies.

  38. Danielle C says

    My favorite tradition is the easter egg hunt with the kids. My favorite crafty thing to do is coloring eggs and finding neat different things to do with them!

  39. jen peak says

    I think the hershey kisses critters are my favorite craft.
    my favorite easter tradition is finding really fun goodies for everyones basket, and finding eggs with my daughter

  40. Mary Anderson says

    My family makes Easter baskets for a local nursing home. The foil egg wreath craft looks interesting.

  41. Stephanie Bondlow says

    I would love to make the Peanut Butter Bunnycakes this Easter. Our tradition is to go to the giant park we live near and have an easter egg hunt as a family, and I have 7 kids. We have a nice dinner that day, and we dye eggs the night before. I make my own baskets and they wake up to them.

  42. Tricia J says

    We still hide Easter Eggs for our youngest family members. I like the bird nests cupcakes. I could make those.

  43. Natalie says

    I love the peanut butter kiss pie on the website or the Easter bonnet cookies. My favorite tradition is dyeing Easter eggs!

  44. Margaret Maggie Porter says

    Easter egg hunts and we make rolo pretzel bunnies. You take a rounded pretzel, put a rolo candy on top. Bake it for a few mins(5) til the the rolo is melted. Then use gummy candies to make ears on the bunny

  45. Deborah Wellenstein says

    We have our traditional Easter Egg hunt early in the morning. We also attempt hot cross buns. (usually the day before). I would love to try my hand at the coconut Marshmallow Nests from the website.

  46. Linda White says

    We used to hide the kid’s Easter baskets. That tradition came from when I was a kid and lived up north and it was too cold still for Easter egg hunting so the Easter bunny would hide our baskets every year! I’d love to try the Rolo cookies!

  47. Lori C says

    I want to make the Peanut Butter Bunnycakes! My favorite Easter tradition is the Sunrise service. I love everything about Easter.

  48. Cynthia Dubuque says

    We get all dressed up and go to my Grandmom’s for an Easter egg hunt and brunch. HERSHEYS-Chocolate-Cheesecake that looks sooooo good

  49. Jodie Rosenblum says

    My favorite tradition are the egg hunts for easter, and I like the recipe for the craft/candy of Easter Bunny Egg Racers.

  50. Tina W says

    My favorite “tradition” is the HoneyBaked Ham we get every year. And i like the coconut marshmallow nest recipe/craft.

  51. Janet W. says

    My favorite Easter tradition is doing an Easter egg hunt for my grandsons. They love it!
    My favorite craft is the WHOPPERS ROBIN EGGS Wreath!

  52. Debra Hall says

    all the kids are grown so we just have a family dinner and i like the Chocolate Mousse-Filled Cream Puffs

  53. Jessica To says

    My favorite tradition is my older nephews hiding eggs for their younger cousins. I like the Easter Critter Cup idea.

  54. Laura P. says

    I love decorating egg and the flower pot basket instructions are my favorite because it is such a cheery basket.

  55. Mary Cloud says

    Our favorite tradition is going to my Grandma’s to eat and watch the kids hunt eggs – I’d love to try the Chocolate Cheese Pie on the website
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  56. Kobi Hensley says

    We always get together in the afternoon….alll17 of us, have dinner and the kids hunt for eggs. The Chocolate Truffle Peanut Butter Egg Easter Pie sounds amazing!!

  57. says

    My hubby and Have been hiding Easter Eggs and little surprises for 17 years for our grandchildren. Even though one of them is leaving for college, they do not want this tradition to end!! I am secretly very happy to continue this treasure find because in some ways I enjoy the hunt even more than they do! Who wouldnt love the Chocolate Cherry Fudge offered on the Hersheys site?!?!? I am making those mouth watering treats.

  58. Laurie Emerson says

    My favorite Easter Tradition is dyeing eggs the night before as a family. I love the Easter Basket Cupcakes!

  59. MARIA simon says


  60. tina d reynolds says

    my favorite tradition is dinner together as a family after church and I like the One-Bowl Chocolate Cake with Easy Orange Frosting

  61. matt lehman says

    i am super excited to share the tradition of the easter egg hunt with my son this year and if i were to make a craft from that page it would be the Reese’s racers recipe

  62. Angela T. says

    Wow I never thought to bake with Cadbury eggs! They are my fathers favorite too, Im really tempted to use this recipe and give it to him for easter :)

  63. Heather Dawn says

    We love to plant jelly beans, so the Easter Bunny can turn them into suckers! I like the Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies recipe!

  64. Leslie L Stanziani says

    My favorite tradition is the big family ham diner we have after our Easter Egg hunt.I love the HERSHEY’S Chocolate Cheesecake recipe on the site.

  65. Melissa L. says

    My favorite tradition is finding the eggs on Easter morning. I like the Peanut Butter Easter Bonnets recipe. They look cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. Leah B says

    We love to create bunny rabbit footprints in chalk outside our door so the kids know the Easter bunny has been to the house! I like the craft on the Hersey site using the paper towel rolls to create a bunny.

  67. Terry Cross says

    Our favorite tradition is coloring eggs. HERSHEY’S “PERFECTLY CHOCOLATE” Easter Bunny Cake is my favorite recipe

  68. Brad Merrell says

    Setting up an easter egg hunt is my favorite tradition. I want to make Chocolate-Maple Breakfast Syrup.

  69. Tiffani Jade says

    my favorite traditions are dying easter eggs and having an easter egg hunt. I would like to try the peanutty rocky road recipe.

  70. laura ari says

    We hide the kids easter baskets and make them work for their candy! I want to try the easter basket cupcakes although your creme egg pies look yummy!

  71. Jessamine D. says

    I love hiding eggs because my daughters really like the Easter Egg Hunt. :) I’d like to try the Coconut Marshmallow Nest. :)

  72. Carolyn Daley says

    My favorite tradition is hiding eggs for the kids to find. My favorite recipe on the website is Easter Basket Cupcakes.

  73. Leesa McClure says

    My favorite memory is making coconut colored birds nest at easter with my kids. I would like to try coconut marshmallows nest from website. Yummy.

  74. Lauren Olivia Wood says

    My favorite Easter tradition is going to Easter service with my family and I would make the Chocolate Cream Puffs!

  75. Anastasia says

    I love painting easter eggs! Not only do you get the fun of decorating eggs, but you get to hide them afterward! :) From that site, I love the leftover easter candy recipe… it’s just too bad we never have leftover candy! lol :)

  76. Virginia Rowell says

    My favorite Easter tradition is to have an egg hunt first, then an egg fight! My favorite recipe is the Black-Eyed Susan Cheesecakes.

  77. Buddy Garrett says

    going to Sunrise service is my favorite tradition. The Peanut Butter Easter Bonnets is my favorite recipe.

  78. Trisha McKee says

    My daughter and I go shopping the day before Easter and then go home to color eggs. I would love to try the recipe Peanut Butter Easter Bonnets.

  79. says

    I’m really drawn to the different textures here. Flakey, crispy crust and then a ooey, gooey, melty center. That’s pretty much my favorite thing! Easter is really sneaking up on me–I need to sit down and do some planning today.

    Thank you for sharing this fun treat at See Ya in the Gumbo. Hope to see you when the party goes live tonight!
    Michelle recently posted..Fit for a Brit {Nigel Slater’s Sausages and Mustard}


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