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Non-traditional Christmas Movies

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non traditional christmas movies

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year for movies! But this year why not find some movies that are different from the standard Christmas fair. Sure, I like classics like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Its a Wonderful Life, but a change of pace is nice too. Here are five non-traditional Christmas movies that make for great holiday viewing!

The Journey Home DVD Giveaway

Samples and prize are provided by RLJ Entertainment.  I will receive a similar prize package. All opinions are my own.

I love nature stories, and the new movie out on DVD this week, The Journey Home, looks like a fantastic family movie.


It is the heartwarming story of a young boy who tries to reunite a polar bear cub with his mother.  Despite the warnings of his family and friends the boy takes off on a snowmobile, with the cub in tow, deep into the frozen wilderness to search for the mother polar bear.

10 Romantic Movies for Guys

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching it is time to think about romantic movies.  When it comes to romantic movies most guys aren’t interested in typical chick flicks or tear jerkers like The Notebook. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of romantic movies that will appeal to men!  There are, it just needs to be a movie with action, adventure, or comedy along with the romance, not mushy stereotypes and overly dramatic music.

10 Romantic Movies Guys Will Enjoy - Guys want a romance movie that has comedy or action, not a tear jerker! Here are 10 romantic movies you can both enjoy watching.

Luckily, plenty of romance movies that fit the bill, and offer enjoyment for everyone.  Here are 10 romantic movies that most guys will enjoy watching with a sweetheart!

More Big Hero 6 Printable Activity Sheets

Big Hero 6 is in theaters everywhere, and it is a big hit! Baymax is adorable, and the movie is fun action packed adventure that the whole family can enjoy. Disney has released some new activity sheets to help you have even more family fun with the movie, and my favorite is this one with instructions on how to build a balloon Baymax!

Balloon Baymax
Balloon Baymax

My son and I are going to give this a try later this week. Here are all the activity sheets, just click on a picture to download the free printable pdf file.

Thor: The Dark World Released

Marvel just released one of last years biggest hits, Thor: The Dark World, now available on DVD and Bluray.  I had a blast attending the Red Carpet premiere of the movie last fall, and I was excited to review the DVD and see it again!

Thor The Dark World 3D Combo Box Art

The movie picks right up where The Avengers left off, as Thor has to join forces with his treacherous brother Loki and battle to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that predates the universe itself. You can read my complete review of Thor: The Dark World here, and it is just as entertaining on the small screen as it was in the theaters!

Frozen – Free Printable Activity Sheets

Planning to see Frozen this Holiday weekend? It is getting great reviews, and I can’t wait to see it! Check out the free printable activity sheets below for family fun.  The activity sheets include snowflake mazes, build a snowman, making snowflakes, spot the difference and coloring pages.  Just click on the each image to download a pdf of the activity.





Chris Pratt and Cobie Smulders Interview #DeliveryManEvent

While was in Los Angles earlier this month I had the chance to interview some of the stars of Delivery Man, Vince Vaughn, Cobie Smulders and Chris Pratt. The movie stars Vince Vaughn, and you can see his interview here.  Today I have interviews with Cobie Smulders who plays, Emma, the girlfriend of Vince’s character, and Chris Pratt, who plays his best friend Brett.

"Delivery Man" World Premiere

Delivery Man Review #DeliveryManEvent

I was provided an all expense paid trip by Disney to Los Angeles.  All opinions are my own.

Delivery Man opens in theaters everywhere today!  This movies starring Vince Vaughn is a charming comedy that has quite a bit of heartwarming drama mixed in!

delivery man

Learning to Draw Dusty from Planes #DisneyPlanesBloggers

I was provided an all expense paid trip by Disney to Los Angeles.  All opinions are my own.

While visiting Disney ToonStudios I got a chance to meet with quite a few members of the team who are responsible for the successful Planes movie. I talk about my meeting with the Flight Team here, and the producer and director here.  I also get to meet some of the artists involved in the film, Dan Abraham, head of story, and Art Hernandez, story artist.  They talked about the long process of making the film, and even taught me how to draw my own Dusty!


Vince Vaughn Interview #DeliveryManEvent

I was provided an all expense paid trip by Disney to Los Angeles.  All opinions are my own.

I recently traveled to Los Angeles to attend the Red Carpet premiere of Delivery Man, which opens in just a few days on November 22nd.  While I was there I had the chance to sit down for a group interview with the film’s star Vince Vaughn!  This was very exciting, since I love so many of his movies.  He was very funny and thoughtful to interview.

Vince Vaughn interview

Disneyland – Thor: Treasures of Asgard and Winter Holidays #ThorDarkWorldEvent

I was provided an all expense paid trip by Disney to Los Angeles.  All opinions are my own.

While in LA early this month I had a chance to visit Disneyland and see the new Thor: Treasures of Asgard exhibit, which opened in November!  If you have seen the movie you know that the Bifrost or Rainbow Bridge is a cosmic bridge that allows Thor to travel between the Nine Realms, including Earth.  Well the Bifrost has opened again, and the opening is conveniently located in the Innoventions building at Disneyland!

So naturally my fellow bloggers and I had to check it out while we were there and see all the genuine Asgardian artifacts like Loki’s helmet, swords from Sif and some of the Warriors Three, and even the chains used to imprison Loki. As part of the exhibit you can even choose to travel across the Bifrost and visit Odin’s throne room!

Treasures of Asgard at Disneyland

Interviewing Actor Zachary Levi #ThorDarkWorldEvent

I was provided an all expense paid trip by Disney to Los Angeles.  All opinions are my own.

While in LA last week I had the chance to interview Zachary Levi, who placed the Asgard Warrior Fandral in Thor: The Dark World.  Fandral is one of the fighters from the group know as Warriors Three, who defend Asgard and help Thor along the way. Levi was lots of fun to interview, and he was genuine, open and very funny.

Zachary Levi Interview

A Visit with Planes Director and Producer #DisneyPlanesBloggers

I was provided an all expense paid trip by Disney to Los Angeles.  All opinions are my own.

One of the fun things I got to see in Los Angles a few weeks ago was a behind the scenes look at Disney ToonStudios, where I was able to meet and talk with Planes Director Klay Hall and Producer Traci Balthazor-Flynn. This was a fascinating way to hear about all the planning that goes into making a motion picture!  Both were very enthusiastic about their jobs and proud of the movie that they made.

Planes Director and Producer Klay Hall and Traci Balthazor-Flynn

Hall grew up in an aviation family, with a father who flew Naval aircraft in World War II and a grandfather who was a pilot.  So his two great loves growing up were airplanes and drawing, and with the Planes movie he was able to combine them!

An Interview with the Jaimie Alexander #ThorDarkWorldEvent

I was provided an all expense paid trip by Disney to Los Angeles.  All opinions are my own.

As part of my trip to Los Angeles to attend the red carpet premiere of Thor: The Dark World I was able to interview Jaimie Alexander, who plays the Asgard powerful and beautiful warrior Sif in the movie. Sif is one of the defenders of Asgard, and fights to defend the realm from all kinds of enemies.

This movie has quite a few strong female characters, including Sif, astrophysicist Jane Foster, Foster’s assistant Darcy Lewis and Thor’s mother Frigga.  It is nice to see a superhero movie where the women have some meaty roles and are part of the action!  And when it comes to battles Sif is at the front with all the other warriors.

Sif Poster from Thor: The Dark World

Celebrate Aviation History Month – Giving Disney’s PLANES Its Wings #DisneyPlanesBloggers

I was provided an all expense paid trip by Disney to Los Angeles.  All opinions are my own.

As part of my recent trip to LA I had the opportunity to visit DisneyToon Studios, and get a behind the scenes look at Disney’s Planes! The lobby of the building was setup to look like an airport runway, how cool is that? This visit was a chance to see how animated movies are made, and I was amazed at how complicated and time consuming the process is.

Disney ToonStudio

Tom Hiddleston Interview about Thor: The Dark World #ThorDarkWorldEvent

I was provided an all expense paid trip by Disney to attend the premiere of this film. All opinions are my own.

One of the many exciting parts of my recent trip to LA was the chance to interview celebrities, like Tom Hiddleston.  He plays Loki in Thor: The Dark World, and if you have seen the movie you know he is amazing in it!  Loki is the god of Mischief and Lies, and Hiddleston has lots of fun with the character and makes it one of the most interesting and compelling in the movie!

Tom Hiddleston at #ThorDarkWorldEvent

The other bloggers and I were able to interview Hiddleston just a few hours before the premiere, and despite his busy schedule he was extremely gracious and funny.

Thor: The Dark World Red Carpet Premiere and Movie Review #ThorDarkWorldEvent

I was provided an all expense paid trip by Disney to attend the premiere of this film. All opinions are my own.

Two red carpet events in two days?  Seems unbelievable, and yet 24 hours after my first red carpet premiere for Delivery Man I was back at the El Capitan Theatre for the premiere of Thor: The Dark World!

Thor: The Dark World premiere

The atmosphere was electric, and the crowds were even bigger and louder. Stars were everywhere, and we walked right by Chris Hemsworth while he was on the red carpet! The red carpet was divided with motorcycles and velvet ropes, with celebrities on one side being photographed, and the rest of us on the other side.  It was exciting to walk past so many famous people, even I mostly just saw the backs of their heads!