Dog Treat Wreath

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Dogs need holiday presents too, and this Dog Treat Wreath is a perfect holiday present that doubles as a decoration and lets you give the tastiest treats to your furry friends!

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A dog treat wreath hanging on a wooden wall.


A few years ago I wrote about Pet Adoption Month, and encouraged everyone to consider adopting a dog. At least one person took action after my post, my Mom, who decided she needed a dog of her own. So she adopted Alex, a cute little pup, from the Humane Society.

A dog is sitting on a tile floor with a stuffed animal.

Alex is very happy in his new home, so I wanted to make him a special Christmas present, and decided he would appreciate a wreath of dog treats. This craft is simple, and the result is really cute!

A wreath with dog treats and ribbon on a table.



  1. First I cut a circle out of a piece of cardboard. I just traced around a dinner plate, and then used a bowl to trace around for the inner circle. Then I cut the wreath base out.
  2. I painted the wreath base green, since the cardboard will show through on the wreath.
  3. Then I tied the red ribbon to the cardboard, and wrapped it around the treats to hold them on the wreath base. I was worried the treats would fall out, but they actually held very easily.Dog treats with ribbons and bows on a table.
  4. When I got to the end of the circle I tied the ribbon underneath.  I used a green ribbon to make a bow for the bottom and tied it to one of the treats.A christmas wreath with candy canes and dog treats.

I put the wreath aside to wrap for Christmas, but unfortunately my dog Dodger found it and he ate most of the treats off the wreath! So I had to take it all apart and remake it with new treats, and this time I boxed it up and mailed it right away!

It is fun to make cute doggy gifts! How do you treat your pets this holiday season?



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20 thoughts on “Dog Treat Wreath”

  1. How cute is that! My dogs would go nuts for that and would not leave it alone. I wouldn’t be able to hang it. They love those treats.

  2. This is such a great idea to give to my friends’ and family’s dogs as a special gift this Christmas.I always try to remember them too in the gift giving but usually it’s just a boring treat – this is adorable and so fun! Thanks for sharing this.


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