Banana Walnut Biscotti Cookies

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These easy Banana Walnut Biscotti Cookies are sweet and crunchy. They are a delicious Italian cookie to make for your family.

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Biscotti is something I have eaten many times, but never made before. This recipe for Banana Walnut Biscotti has all the flavor of banana bread in a crispy cookie. As I was making the recipe I decided to add dried blueberries also, which were a great addition to the biscotti. The cookies are crunchy and taste strongly of the fruit and nuts, and the blueberries add quite a bit of sweetness.

Blueberry walnut scones on a white plate.

How to Make Italian Biscotti Cookies

The process of making biscotti takes a little longer than most cookies, since they need to be baked twice. But the extra baking time is what gives them their characteristic crispness, and what keeps them fresh longer, so it is worth the effort.

Two walnut biscotti cookies on a baking sheet with chocolate chips on them.

First I shaped the dough into two long logs and baked them in the oven.

A plate of walnut biscotti on a white plate.

Then I cut the rolls into half inch slices and baked them again.

A slice of walnut bread with blueberries on it.

Since I had never made biscotti cookies before I didn’t make them exactly perfectly! I realized after I was done that I should have cut the loaves diagonally, so the biscotti were larger. But this is actually good, because now I have an excuse to make another batch and try out a different combination of flavors.

Biscotti Recipe

Yield: 30

Banana Walnut Biscotti

A plate of walnut biscotti on a white plate.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 55 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes


  • 1 3/4 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 banana
  • 1 Tablespoon oil
  • 1 teaspon vanilla
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts
  • 1/2 cup dried blueberries


  1. Preheat oven to 350 F.
  2. Combine the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt in one bowl and mix.
  3. Mash the banana well, and mix it with the oil, vanilla and egg in another bowl.
  4. Combine the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients and mix well.
  5. Fold in the walnuts and dried blueberries.
  6. Divide the dough in half and roll each half into a log about 8 inches long.
  7. Flatten each log to about 1/2 an inch high, and place on a lightly greased cookie sheet.
  8. Bake for 25 minutes, until the top is lightly brown.
  9. Let the rolls cool slightly, and then cut them into 1/2 inch slices.
  10. Put the slices on a cookie sheet and bake at 250 F for 15 minutes.
  11. Flip the slices over and bake for another 15 minutes.


Nutrition facts are estimates.

Nutrition Information:



Amount Per Serving: Calories: 71Cholesterol: 5mgSodium: 22mgCarbohydrates: 12gSugar: 5gProtein: 1g

Recipe Tips

  • You could make this recipe more kid friendly by using 1/2 cup of chocolate chips instead of the dried blueberries.
  • Make sure you use a sharp, serrated knife to cut the biscotti so you don’t end up with a crumbly mess.
A person is dipping a walnut biscotti into a cup of coffee.

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13 thoughts on “Banana Walnut Biscotti Cookies”

  1. Out of all the biscotti flavor combinations this is the first I have ever heard of banana walnut! I love banana walnut cake, but not a huge fan of banana walnut, not sure why! But this cookie sounds amazing! I will have to try this soon! Thank you for sharing!

  2. These are the perfect biscotti for me! I get so many bananas when my trees produce that I still have a freezer full of frozen bananas. What a delicious way to use some! Love your combination with the blueberries too. You couldn’t have made a better first batch!

  3. Your first photo shows exactly how I like to eat my biscotti. I’ve never tried banana in my biscotti, but I always seem to have an abundance of bananas (thanks Costco :)), and can’t wait to try these.

  4. 5 stars
    Don’t have dry blueberries, but was looking where to use the cranberries ☺let you know how it Comes out!!! Thanks for the idea

  5. I haven’t made biscotti in a really long time, but this recipe has got me motivated!Such wonderful flavors this treat 🙂

    • I didn’t roll mine out, my dough was very sticky also. I sprayed my hands with Pam and separated the dough in half put it on cookie sheet and used my fingers to work it to the 8 inch size. It worked out better this way. Hope this helped.


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